General Guidelines For Use of Facilities in the Temple

The Temple facilities are open for use by those who support the mission of the Temple. Family events such as birthdays, weddings , anniversaries, prayers etc. can be held at the Temple after prior registration with detailed information about the activities planned provided and permission granted by the Management. However, the temple may reserve certain dates for specific religious festivals and prayers and thereby limit Temple facility use on those days. You must agree to follow and abide by all the rules/guidelines listed below and the additional special rules/guidelines that may be contained in any booking form completed.

The following Rules & Regulations shall be observed at all times.

1. Remove footwear and stack them on the racks provided at the side of the entrance on the Ground Level.

2. No food and drink allowed inside prayer hall.

3. Refrain from private conversations during service to God and during all prayers.

4. No posters, announcements or advertisements shall be placed or displayed without prior permission from the Management.

5. All air conditioning and electrical systems and facilities must not be violated or changed by anyone other than a committee member or members permitted by the Management.

6. Only authorized and trained persons should use or fiddle with the PA system.

7. Parents shall supervise children at all times and make sure that children do not cause any disturbance.

8. All activities shall be in keeping with the dignity and respect for the sanctity of a holy place and according to Hindu traditions and rites.

9. All non-monetary items or donations require approval by the Temple MC prior to being placed in the Temple premises. The approval can be obtained by writing to the Management.

10. No Item should be borrowed or removed from Temple premises. No personal and household items should be left in the Temple premises.

11. All users must assume the legal liability and responsibility of conducting the event.

12. Users must clean the premises after use and this includes the hall if used, adjoining rooms, if used, kitchen, dining hall and the foyer. Refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave oven, sinks, countertops, furniture are to be properly utilized and properly cleaned and wiped after use.

13. Any trash or garbage generated during the activity must be properly disposed and deposited in the trash bins provided.

14. After performing special puja/ceremonies, do not leave any items (e. g. picture of deity, puja related materials) in temple premises.

15. All users must mute or switch off mobile phones when in the prayer hall.

16. No inappropriate or loud music shall be played in the Temple.

17. The person who has booked an event in the Temple shall be solely and fully responsible for all actions, behaviour and conduct of all its guests and invited visitors at the premises.

18. Ensure that an official receipt is issued and collected for all payments or donations made.

19. All correspondences to the Temple shall be addressed to the Secretary.