Temple Tariffs

Wedding & Engagement PRICE
Wedding in Temple Hall (including Nav Girahi –Ghari, Wedding &
datar ceremony, use of kitchen & Utensils, cleaning of rubbish next day)

HK$ 12000
Wedding in Hotel/ Residence HK$ 6000
Engagement in Temple hall HK$ 6000
Engagement in Hotel/ Residence HK$ 3000
Special Poojas in Temple  
Satyanarain Katha HK$ 1200
Baharano Sahib HK$ 1500
Chathi(Naming Ceremony) HK$ 2500
Janya(Thread Ceremony) HK$ 2500
Havan- per day HK$ 1000
Munnar(first haircut of a child) HK$ 1000
Any other Pooja HK$ 1000
Special poojas in House/Office
Satyanarain Katha HK$ 1000
Grah Pravesh(New House) Pooja HK$ 1000
Office Opening Pooja
Chathi (Naming Ceremony) HK$ 1000
Diwali Pooja HK$ 1000
Garar or Bhagwat(7 days) HK$ 3500
Normal Sunday Lungar HK$ 3500
Monday Lungar HK$ 1000
Special Festive days HK$ 5000
Use of Kitchen + Cleaning HK$ 1500
Annual Subscription HK$ 500
Life Subscription HK$ 5000
Cremation - Including picking up ashes HK$ 3000 (for priest only)
The Temple Priest is available for all ceremonies, however if you wish to bring an outside priest the charge will be HK$ 1500.

This tariff is exclusively for the temple. If anyone wish to give dakshina to the priest they are welcome to do so.