Funeral Services

Procedure for cremation in Hong Kong

1. The following basic documents need to be obtained from the Hospital where the deceased lastly admitted:

       a. Cremation permit from Hospital (form 2) or from coroner’s office(form 11)
       b. Body collection paper showing cause of death(form18).

(In case, anyone passes away at Home (Natural Death), Family should immediately call 999 and inform them about death with a request to send ambulance for shifting body to Hospital)

2. Contact any one of the following Authorized Persons fromHindu Association who will guide you about the formalitiesfor conducting final rites of the deceased -

       a. Mr. Bob Kripalani        64742020
       b. Mr. Gopal Gupta         97524941

3. The Hindu Association will need the following information and please forward these details to the Volunteer you spoke with:-

       a. Name of deceased as per HKID and copy of HKID, age at death and sex of deceased
       b. Name of applicant (body claimant} as per HKID, copy of HKID, his phone/mobile no, full address and confirmation of date of cremation.

4. On receipt of the above details, Hindu Association will fill the form and faxit to :-

       Department of Health and Urban Services
       18th Floor, Wu Chung Building
       213 Queen Road East, Wan chai
       (Next to Hopewell Centre)
       Phone no : 25789406

5. After the fax is sent, the Applicant(Body Claimant) need to go to the above Government office along with original HKID of deceased and applicant, form2 and form 18 and pay the necessary charges for Cremation and Death Certificate. (At present, charges for booking cremation burner is HKD1220 and for death certificate it is HKD 160 per each copy.

6. There are several licensed Funeral Parlours in Hong Kong which can be selected and hired as per requirment if needed. You can choose and make necessary arrangements. Link given below

7. Claimant (Applicant) to identify the deceased body in mortuary one day before the cremation date and respective parlour will arrange collection of the body which will be kept in freezer in the Funeral Parlour.

8. On the day of funeral, Family members should reach parlour by 11.30 o’clock, wash the body and change the cloths of deceased (Funeral Parlour’s staff will assist).

9. Priest will reach and perform the Rituals/Rites and will depart for Cape Collinson, Chai Wan for cremation.

10. For any other help/enquiry, you may contact any one of the four authorized persons mentioned above.