About Hindu Temple

The Temple complex is declared Heritage Building - Grade II by the HKSAR Government.

The Hindu Association, which administers the Temple, is registered under the Societies' Ordinance, and also a registered Charity organisation under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. This registration, under the Inland Revenue Ordinance, enables donors to claim tax deduction on their donation in accordance with the Rules prescribed by the Inland Revenue Ordinance from time to time.

Another important contribution of Mr F T Melwani JP to the Hong Kong Hindu community, through the Association, was the exclusive arrangement, reserving Crematorium at Cape Collinson for Hindus only, he obtained from the erstwhile British administration. This exclusive arrangement is in keeping with the Hindu tradition of cremating within 24 hours and performance of special rites at the time of cremation.

The Hindu Association offers the service to the Hong Kong Hindu community, arranging the Crematorium, completing the formalities that are required to be fulfilled with the relevant HKSAR government departments, and ensures the availability of the Crematorium as early as possible.

Considering the waiting time in Hong Kong for the Crematorium, this special arrangement for the Hindu community is unique.

Mr Lal Hardasani, current President of the Hindu Association has been closely associated with the Temple activities for the last four decades. The Association's affairs are managed by a 15-member Managing Committee, which meets regularly to discuss and decide various matters of the Temple administration.

At the Temple, religious discourses are organised regularly, and the vising scholars address the gathering of devotees on various Hindu philosophical subjects, which are well received.

Educational tours are organized by schools and universities to visit the temple to understand the various aspects of Hindu religion.

On every Sunday at the Temple , after Bhajan Kirtan session, Aarti is performed in the morning, and Langar Parshad (Lunch) is served to devotees. The Langar Parshad is sponsored by devotees. Regular pujas and Aartis are performed every day in the morning and evening.

On Mondays, after Bhajan session, special Aarti is performed in the evening and Parshad is distributed to devotees. In addition, regular Pujas are conducted on Poornima and Ekadasi days every month.

The Temple priest conducts Hindu religious ceremonies, whenever such services are requested by the Hindu community members. At the Temple, various ceremonies like marriage, namkaran and others are performed in accordance with the Hindu customs.